by - February 24, 2019

I was planning to do a "no buy" year - I lasted until last week. My depression took full hold and I popped into Superdrug to get a hair mask a friend recommended but they had a few deals so I bought a few things - everything was in an offer or on sale. Then I popped into New Look and Primark as I needed some basics like pants and socks. I'm going to continue with buying stuff minimally or with clothing second hand/from charity shop - it's better for the environment and my debt concerns.

Here's what I got from Superdrug and some skin/hair care from Primark too.

The hair mask my friend recommended is the Palmer's Natural Fusions Chia Seed & Argan Oil one - it's in the centre of the image to the left of the screen in a black and floral packet. It's cruelty free and vegan (clearly labelled) as well as boasting no sulphates, parabens, phthlates, mineral oil and it's gluten free too! The mask promises to deeply repair hair and boost hydration. They're £2.99 but currently in an offer with some other products where if you buy one, you get a second product half price so I got two. There's quite a lot in there, my hair is about shoulder length but quite thin and fine, so I used about half a packet, I could probably use a lot less and just put it on the ends. It has made my hair feel heavenly so I fully recommend.

Next offer (and a bit of a hack) - when you buy 3 skincare products, you get a free gift. The gift is a choice of two Jiinju Korean products either a face & lip mask duo or a sheet mask duo. It's one per transaction, however, you can do two transactions if you want both. They are clearly labelled vegan and cruelty free, as well as gluten free and sulphate free! I didn't really wanna buy stuff I didn't need and I recently tried some of their 99p face masks which I loved, upon checking I saw these were included in the offer for the free gift, result! Most of the 99p face masks are 3 for 2, sooo in total, 5 facemasks for £1.98. Not ALL of the Superdrug face masks are vegan, however all of the ones I bought here are. I got the avocado clay mask, deep sea purifying clay mask, cucumber cooling clay mask, charcoal peel-off mask, orange and black lava exfoliating mask and the sugar and spice self heating mask. I haven't tried most of these but I recently tried the orange and black lava one and it made my skin feel great, and I loved the feeling of the self heating mask (plus they both both smelled amazing).

I wanted to try the Naturally Radiant 2 in 1 Moisturiser and Serum (on the left) and the new Complete Cleanser  (centre) - my Vitamin E moisture mask is running low and I've not cleansed in months. Most Superdrug own brand facial  skin care products are better than half price at the moment. I've tried both and either one of them, or the combination of both is drying my skin out, so I'm gonna try again next week with just one at a time.

When I was in Primark I picked up the 2 pack of reusable cleansing mitts, one side is like a soft flannel and the other is for exfoliating. You don't need to use anything except water to remove make up (though I'd use a little make up remover for mascara and eyeliner but it takes everything else off with ease). I think they were around £2 for the both which is fantastic. They're easily washable by hand with soap and water, or pop in the washing machine. I am terrible and never take my make-up off but I have been with these.

They also had a coconut hair mask in Primark for 60p(!!!). My dark circles just continue to get worse and I saw these soothing eye patches or £1 I expect maybe two or three uses... there are 15 treatments. All Primark beauty is cruelty-free but not all of it is vegan - I haven't checked these items yet but I will let you know when I do (or if anyone reads this and knows, please let me know). 

In New Look they have GROOVY CHICK BANG ON THE DOOR SOCKS. I am so excited by these. Most socks in New Look are 3 for £5 and I very nearly bought three pairs (instead I just got some boring black and green ones). They also have Groovy Chick fluffy socks and trainer socks in Primark for a couple of quid.

Finally, but by no means least - when I was at the counter in Superdrug they had 100ml bottles of one of my favourite perfumes - Nude by Rihanna, for £20. One of my Paris Hilton tops has broken, and the other has run out, so I needed a new perfume anyway. It's so soft and delicate and I just love it. Also, Rihanna is fucking gorgeous. 

That's it pretty much - it looks like A LOT, but realistically, without the socks, it came to around £40 including a 100ml bottle of perfume which will last me months. Very affordable. I'm off to do the Jiinju face and lip mask xo

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