by - February 24, 2019

Hey-ooooh! I've decided to resurrect this lil ole blog and start posting again. Posts will be sporadic as I'm trying to pay off debts and start saving so I won't be buying things as frivolously as I used to. This is a small life update for those that don't follow me on social media.

It's been about 8 months since I blogged and somethings have changed. Here's a bullet point list:
  • I had my ileostomy surgery on June 14th 2018 - I was going to do some "preparing for hospital posts", but I forgot. Surgery went really well, St Mark's are amazing, Prof Hart and Mr Tozer are amazing
  • Since September I've been having infliximab infusions (infliximab is a TNF blocker, essentially a chemotherapy) and I started azathioprine this month
  • I did Veganuary and "no buy" January - I actually lasted up until last week with the no buy. 
  • I started going to the guy in November and working with a personal trainer in January
  • I've signed up to the 10K London Walk-It for Crohn's & Colitis UK - you can sponsor me through just giving here
  • I've put on a good amount of weight since my surgery and feel general much better. My mental health is my main problem, it's a daily struggle but hey ho
  • Still chronically single lol
I think that's about it - I've got some Crohn's/ileostomy posts planned and some skincare ones too, but if there's anything you're particularly interested in, hit me up! xo

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