by - June 11, 2018

Hey! I realised that I never updated on me getting my ileostomy dates though!

I had my pre-op assessment on 31st May and my op date for ileostomy surgery is 14th June (so....this week)! This will be followed up biological drug treatment.

Mr Tozer is also gonna have a little look around as I have fistulas tracts that he isn't too sure where they go at the moment.

Sadly, I've been really bad with the abscess, fistulas draining and my back being awful, so I have been signed off work since end of April until (currently) 1st week of July. This is putting me under great financial strain, and really my mental health/loneliness.

I'm currently still on prednisolone - 15mg, I tried going down to 10mg last week but I was so ill. I'm also on metronidazle and ciprofloxacin and these seem to be helping a lot.

My Crohn's symptoms aren't actually "that bad" at the moment - it's the abscess, fistulas and lower back pain that are doing me in.

I'm really excited, but also extremely nervous about this surgery. My main anxiety is that it won't work, and I won't be any better off than I am now. I've never spent any more than a few hours in a hospital - let alone over night.

As I'll be having the surgery at St Mark's in Harrow, which is quite far from home, my family won't be able to visit and I'll be in for my Nan's birthday and Father's Day.

Because the hospital is so far, I've been appointed a more local stoma nurse who is coming to visit on Wednesday, so that's exciting!

I am extremely thankful to my family and friends, who have been nothing but supportive and reassuring. I don't even just mean people I "know" - I include all of my online friends, especially my fellow IBD and ostomates and all of the various spoonies! I'm really not sure what I would do without this community - the strength, courage, honesty and determination is magnificent.

I will update while I'm in hospital and recovery, I just really haven't felt like blogging much to be honest, but I need to get it all out too.

Peace & love xxx

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