Body Shop Make Up Review

by - June 06, 2018

Heya! Hope all is well. This is allll about make-up from the Body Shop - there are studs and duds! I also have a Lip Balm which I got in The Vegan Kind subscription box a few months back. I'm gonna start with the base here I think, it makes most sense, right? The All-In-One Instablur universal primer is a mid-range primer - likened to Benefit's Porefessional in quality, it's almost half the price at £15. I've not used the Benefit one so can't confirm or deny (but they're not cruelty free or vegan so I'm not interested). This is a great mattifier, but a bit of a weird texture. I'm used to more liquid primers - like Barry M, but this is more of a grainy gel putty? It needs kind of "warming up" to get the best out of it, so I squeeze a bit on the back of my hand and use my index finger on the other hand to kind of warm it up, then I apply it around my nose and t-zone and occasionally under my eyes, depending on the need. It definitely adds staying power to my foundation. A lot of people do find the texture off putting, but I think it's a great product.I got this Fruu lip balm in my lifestyle subscription box from The Vegan Kind - my (instagram) friend Heather alwayssss goes on about how these are her favourite lip balms and I was so happy to get one in my box - no less, my favourite flavour...watermelon! Fruu are all natural ingredients and Peta approved cruelty-free and vegan. They have a few flavours, plus some colour tinted lip balms which I'm gonna try in future. These come in at £2.99 which is really good. Long lasting, smoothing and tasty!

Okay ladies* now let's put on foundation... sorry. A few people in our Beauty Beyond Cruelty Facebook group had recommended the Clay Matte Skin Clarifying Foundation - and I get why. I don't usually go for full coverage as my skin doesn't need it, and I can get away with lightweight foundations, but this is great for when I am playing with make-up or there's a night out (rare for me) - it's enriched with tea tree oil so suitable for skin prone to redness and breakouts, it is soooo breathable though, and at only £10, I think it's great. I accidentally ordered a shade too dark - which is kind of lucky as I really have wanted to try some shade lightening drops for a while, so I ordered this too. It's £11 and okay it is probably gonna last forever, because you only need one or two drops (unless you buy way too dark, or too light, as they have a darkening one too), but it's pricey. It works well and I only need two drops, it does make foundations more liquidy - so I find the combo of the Clay Matte foundation and the lightening drops perfect for me.
Lash Hero Mascara in Black - it's a dud, a zero. Way off the mark and not worth the price (£11) at all. This is actually the first vegan mascara I'd bought at this time (previously using up my Revolution ones which sadly contain beeswax; if you're reading, please change this). The brush is great, and it makes my lashes look fucking banging BUT it transfers after a couple of hours and just makes me look like a panda. Don't bother.

Finally, once you've got your face beat, you want it to slay and stay! I've never used a setting spray before (just hairspray) so thought I'd try the Make-Up Setting Spray which is £8 and works fantastically! It has aloe in it so it doesn't dry out your skin, the mist is fine but plentiful and if I'm in a rush (standard), I give myself a quick blast with the hairdryer's cool setting.

So yeah, I'm looking for cheap mascara that comes in black and brown, that's vegan and cruelty-free, have you found one that's brilliant?

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  1. I like the Barry M waterproof mascara, (can't think of the name of it atm but I think it's the only waterproof one they do!) It makes my lashes long and after a few coats (requires patience!) It makes them appear pretty thick too. I instantly liked the Revolution waterproof mascara initially but the love for it wore off at the end of the day when it left me panda-eyed!

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