by - May 12, 2018

Some little reviews for you today gang.

First is a quick one - my nails are fucked, mostly because of various vitamin deficiences and being on oral steroids for so long. So I grabbed this hand and nail cream from Superdrug - it's £1.49, very reasonable and usually in an offer of some sort. I forget to use it daily but my hands do feel better for it.

Now... to the tan!

It's summer and I'm pasty AF, up until 2 years ago I had NEVER fake tanned. I was anti "looking orange" and a bit scared of it to be honest.

I got sucked into a 2 for 1 on Skinny Tan with free mitt (!!!), and ordered 4 bottles of their mousse, they messed up so I got it super cheap, and I do like Skinny Tan, but it fades a bit patchy and I won't always be able to afford it. So where do I head for all my cruelty-free, vegan, budget beauty products? SUPERDRUG. 

Not featured in these photos is the self tanning mousse in dark - which realistically should have been the same a Skinny Tan - because it's shit and I threw it out. It just didn't make any difference to my skin colour what-so-ever. 

So, I was buying some make-up and saw they had new tanning products and I really wanted something that's quick and/or that I don't have to wash off - because I'm lazy. Say hello to wear off tan wipes in medium (they only come in medium). You get 25 wipes in a pack and they're just like wet wipes - glide them over your arms/leg/body/face and wait 4 hours for the colour to develop, the pack recommends repeating this to have a deeper colour. As usual, exfoliate beforehand! These are a really quick fix and I'm a fan. Also DO make sure to wash your hands after... I decided not to, and it wasn't smart.

Recently, my friend Stacey said she had gone to using tanning oil instead of mousse, I dunno what brand she said she used but I was intrigued - her glow is always gorgeous, so when I saw this Insta-Grad Tan Oil (rrp £4.99) I decided to give it a go. I think I got there and the wipes, and something else, in a 3 for 2 offer and I regret nothing.

You spray the oil directly on to your skin, and rub in with a tanning mitt. Allow it to develop for 30 minutes and then repeat the process. From then on, you just use it every other day, or every day if you want I guess, to keep it topped up. It's so easy (and quick!) to use and really affordable.

You can see in the photos below to difference after one application (the photos don't actually do the depths of the tan justice). I do find that my legs don't take as well to it, and I'm not sure why - I do probably need to exfoliate them more.

What are your go to budget friendly tanning products?

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