Return of the Blatch

by - May 02, 2018

Hi gang!

I have been MIA for a while blog wise, twitter and instagram - not for any particular reason though. I mostly felt a little burnt out, the fistulas and infections have been a nightmare and I started a new job two months ago that was pretty intense training for a month and it took it's toll. Adjusting from being unemployed to full time is hard for many people, no less for someone with a chronic illness who suffers fatigue.

So here's a little run down on what's been happening the last 2 or so months:

  • Sadly, my poor angel baby Jack had to be put to sleep. He wasn't well and I need him more than ever right now, but what can ya do?
  • My hair has changed a few times - I've been pink, lilac and pink, orange and yellow and now a very faded peach - I'll probably be orange again next week
  • My mental health has been rocky but for the most part great
  • I finally got my consultation with St Mark's Hospital - I have some very, very exciting and great news that I can't wait to share... but I have to! Just a little longer (I'll do some separate posts about this)
  • My job is awesome and very supportive and understanding of my Crohn's and anxiety.
  • I managed to be a bit more social - but I had three fun weekends socialising and after my body just stopped, so I'm on hold for a while
  • I've put on weight - I'm now at 7st 8lbs!
  • I have found the most amazing young lady who hand makes underwear - this will come in a couple of posts as I need to take some photos, and I've placed three orders with her already.
  • I am doing good at blood tests
  • Rekindled some old friendships
  • I didn't get to see The Streets because I physically couldn't move - THANKS CROHN'S! But, I have got tickets for next year so hopefully I'll be in a better place then
I think that's mostly everything? 

Things I'm planning to write about: loads of make up and beauty reviews (including my first ever product that's been sent to me to review which I'm excited for), I'm gonna try and do some outfit posts as I'm feeling more confident and wanna show off depop finds - I've had some bargains lately! The underwear posts (I might even have a cheeky discount code).

Would you like to see like a hair timeline?

IBD wise I am gonna do a post or two about fistulas and some support groups for women/nb people as there is so little information out there - though Jenna ( and Natalie ( have been doing some great posts about them, but I definitely think there needs to be more info out them - it can be so isolating and embarrassing, but it's really quite common, and not just people with IBD.

Is there anything else you wanna see me talk about specifically? What's been going on? What have I missed?

Be like Craig David and Fill Me In....

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  1. Fistula info sounds very interesting! And needed! Also- oooh hair timeline! This is my first time reading your blog so I will go back and look at older entries, but just to say, it sounds really interesting :)

    1. Awesome - thanks or the feedback and welcome!

      Hair timeline should be a nice easy one as I don't have to think too hard, or take new photos (not that I'm gonna post photos of my fistulas haha).

      Any suggestions of things you wanna see are always welcome! xx