Body Shop Basics and Smellies

by - May 07, 2018

Okay, so, as you can probably tell from the Christmassy type packaging on the body scrub, I've had this stuff a while so I can give you proper reviews!

As usual, with the Body Shop -and everywhere - I hate paying full price. Thankfully the Body Shop often have 35-40% off codes when you spend over £30/40 or something, and it's free delivery over £30 (?), or you can go in. The staff are always super helpful! I really rate their foundations (coming in a separate post).

First up is a very basic thing - deodorant. I don't think I'm a "smelly" person, and I don't always wear deodorant because I'm lazy AF/forget/depression hole (no shame). I haven't used an aerosol deodorant in years but I am probably gonna not buy any more roll on in the future because of the plastic packaging. (If anyone can recommend a paste/powder/deodorant in glass that'd be fab, must be around £3, vegan and cruelty-free though). Anyway... Aloe Vera Deodorant Roll - On is £4.50 for a standard size roll-on. It's great for sensitive skin and is fragrance free. The design is pretty standard and overall it works - as I say, I don't use deodorant that often but the other reviews say it works really well, especially for those with sensitive skin and allergies!

Now, I have to be careful with perfumes, sprays and mists because I'm allergic to a lot of scents - it can vary from brand to scent, and it's a bit of a nightmare sometimes. However, I like mango and thought I'd give this a go - it's easy to pop in my bag and with my smelly Crohn's bum, it's nice to have as a light mist (much better than a body spray aerosol). There are loads of scents - coconut, shea, strawberry, vanilla to name a few. Priced at £8-8.50 before discount I think they're really good value. It's a really light fragrance and I will definitely try some other smells in future. 

 As you can see from the half empty container I had already started using the Vanilla Chai Body Scrub when I took the photos, however, I have now used all of it (some seems to have been used by someone not myself... hmmm...). I have never really used an exfoliator  except for one from Soap & Glory which I loved but sadly, not vegan (not even sure they're cruelty free. I LOVE THIS. It smelled divine, it felt great - it's a sugar based scrub so quite "tough", but after two uses most of the bumps on the back of my upper arms had gone - I had no idea, these bumps weren't meant to be there until they basically weren't. (They also have gel and cream based formulas but I've not tried these.) Full price this big tub is meant to be around £15, I got it in the Christmas sale and had a code on top of that so I think it was like £6. I'm not sure I'd spend £15 on it. Though I suppose using it once/twice a week for 4 months isn't bad.

Exfoliating is now something I try to do quite regularly. I was looking forward to picking a new one from Body Shop, but I kindly got sent my FIRST BLOGGER MAIL .. which contains a coffee scrub, so I am very excited to start using it and review it.

Finally - lip balm. I LOVE lip balm. I just lose them - a lot, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. This is actually a Lip Juicer in the flavour Kiwi, Kale and Watermelon - though there are 5 flavours in total. I actually had three in my basket but had to whittle it down, and watermelon is my fave soo.. I was worried about the kale, because I fucking hate kale, but you can't taste it. I didn't take a photo of it open because I'm a silly so please see the image to your left to see the shape. I prefer these kind of ball type balms compared to stick ones.They're £7 full price, I probably wouldn't buy them full price because I know there's cheaper out there, but it is tasty and very moisturising!

So yeah, overall, I'm happy with this little post-Christmas haul I got. Sorry it's taken so long but I know many of the people who view this blog are chronic illness people, or people I actually know, so you know how I've been. 

I have soooo much more content to come. Someone suggested a blog about my tattoos too - so I'm gonna get that done. It might be easier to do a two parter - one upper body, one lower body. If you've got any ideas or questions, let me know!

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