by - April 08, 2018

I go to get my blood and biopsy results of the biopsy and the my blood test shows that my iron levels are really low which is probably because I wasn’t taking my Spatone.

He suggests that I have an MRI and ultrasound because of the abscess I have and so

After some confusion with appointments I get booked in for January 2018, a week after I start my new job. I get booked in for at lower pelvis MRI, an ultrasound on my bum and a chest x-ray - this is all hopefully so I get the okay to start Infliximab which is a biological drug and would have to be given to me intravenously every few weeks. I'm having all of these tests and scans done on the same day and Lorraine comes with me to my blood test - I have an amazingly wonderful phlebotomist who uses a baby needle and I am totally fine - not even a single tear! No magic cream of anything. I think I’m over my blood test fear.

Part of the blood test will be used to rule out pregnancy - I explain again there’s no possible chance as I’ve not had a period since April 2016 and I’ve not had sex for 2 and a half years. We joke that if I am pregnant, it’s a virgin birth, we’re quids in and all fucking off to Bali for some mojitos.

Next I have a chest x ray which is just nice and easy - stand there and be scanned, after that is the ultrasound on my bum. I’m having this ultrasound because of the abscess that keeps refilling and so basically he had to ultrasound in my butt crack and obviously the pressure on the abscess is a little bit painful but a needs must, and it takes like 15 minutes so it’s all cool. The doctor says that he is not a specialist in that area so is going to recommend to Dr Stoner that we get a second opinion and perhaps do another ultrasound because he doesn’t want to go too much deeper with it at that point. There is actually also a random lady in with us, aside from the nurse and the Doctor. She’s from the ultrasound scanner manufacturer (I guess) and basically this is a brand-new machine and she is there to make sure they know how to use it and everything. The picture is so crystal clear and they can do so much with it it’s honestly amazing what technology does now and yeah it was so great to see that. She thanked me for letting her stay in the room and I was like well pretty much everyone has seen my bum hole -what’s another person?

My final destination is lower pelvis MRI - because of where my Crohn's showed up on my colonoscopy a few months back they decided I didn’t need anything higher up so I didn’t need any bowel prep or dyes etc. The scan took like 20 minutes and I wasn’t fully in the scanner. I’m not claustrophobic anyway so it’s really no bother for me. Both the radiologists are super fit though.

My follow up is booked for a week later to get all of my results. I’m hoping for the go ahead to start infliximab as I’ve heard it is a miracle for many people!

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