by - March 01, 2018

Another day, another accidental spend up in Superdrug. I only wanted eyelashes and to pick up one of the Barry M holographic eye toppers, though you can see from the photos I kind of got a little more.
As always, everything here is cruelty free and vegan - there really are so many great brands that are totally cruelty free and many of them offer either a full vegan range or a really good selection.

Let's start with this Makeup Revolution Reloaded Palette in Iconic Division which I've actually had my eye on since Katie Eve used it for a look on her instagram (her dark blue hair is making me so envious too). At £4 it is a total steal - there are a few palettes in the range and I'm eyeing up the orange toned one whilst I wait for the I Love Makeup Chocolate Orange palette to be on offer. What drew me to this particular palette is the shimmery green, the yellow and the orange in the bottom left corner. sadly, the shimmery green isn't very pigmented - I put concealer on my lid and make the eyeshadow into more of a loose powder by tapping it with the end of a brush to bring out the pigment more. I haven't experimented too wildly with this as I'm still a little unsure of anything that isn't nude or muted tones, this is an adventurous palette for me. I do like the two plum shades though!

I haven't worn false eye lashes in a couple of years, and I forgot how much of a difference they make and how fun they are. I struggled for like ten minutes trying to decide which ones to get as I wanted natural looking lashes but not too thin, so I picked them up in Natural Edition 11. As most eyelashes do this comes with glue - and yes it is vegan and cruelty free, clearly labelled on the back! 

The glue holds quite well, which is lucky as I didn't purchase any extra, stronger glue. They lasted an evening out (omg, yes, I went out btw gang) and didn't move at all, they were easy enough to remove and didn't require any oil or that to help ease them off. I'd definitely recommend them as budget lashes coming in at £3.19.  

Barry M, as usual, had an offer on - I think it was spend £7 and get the Illuminating Strobe Cream free. I only really wanted one of the Holographic Eyeshadow Toppers, but I liked all of the colours so much that I had to get two - Asteroid (green hued) and Supernova (silver). Then I spotted the Holographic Lip Toppers - dupes for the Lime Crime Diamond Crushers, much easier to get hold of, less of a shady company and a much better price tag! I picked the clear topper (Spellbound) as I figured it'd be easier to wear than the other colours, especially as I mostly wear nudes.

I've only used one of the eyeshadow toppers and the lip topper once each and I was kind of in a rush so didn't use the eye topper properly, it made my eyes more shimmery but I will play with it a bit more. I can imagine them looking out of this world on top of concealer and packed out, or, if you're super adventurous (unlike me), I reckon they could be really fun to highlight/contour with.

The lip topper is nice and subtle if you just pop it in the centre of your lips, or if you layer it a little more the effect is much more striking. I expected it to be a little sticky bur I didn't find this at all!

Really, I didn't want, nor need, another highlighter/strobing balm, I have too many and I only ever use one of two - my Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights, and the stellar blue-hued powder in the Barry M Cosmic Lights palette. However, a freebie is a freebie. I wasn't sure whether to go for one of the more golden/bronze tones, but then I remembered I don't like shimmery bronzers/contour, and I already have a cream blush stick (that I don't use) so the only option left was the brightest, whitest, spaciest strobing cream - Galactic- it's beautiful. I lost my MUR highlighter (r.i.p, I will replace) so I've been using this instead and it's quite nice. It doesn't wipe off the foundation, blush and concealer underneath which I usually find with creams/balms and doesn't feel too wet. It glides nicely. For extra ridiculous glow/power, I pop a bit of the blue-hued powder from the Cosmic Lights palette on top and wow.. you can see me from Neptune like the mermaid I am. GLOW BABY, GLOW, GLOW!

What new products have you discovered for spring? Does anyone have any advice for using the creams in the Cosmic Lights palette, as I'd really like to get some use out of them!

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