by - March 18, 2018

So after my failed colonoscopy last time, we spent couple months trying to get through it - I was put on Asacol which after a few months we decided wasn’t working, so I changed to Pentasa which is another brand of the same medicine. This really didn’t agree with me.

I have been on prednisolone since March 2017 - we experimented with lower dosages but since I think October 2017 i’ve been on 30 mg.

Fast forward to November 2017 and I and I am finally booked in for a colour has to be under general anaesthetic. I was told I would be going under gas because of my needle phobia. However, the day before I was informed this would not be possible and I would have to have a needle - and I have to try and process this anxiety whilst trying to drink 2 L of bowel prep called moviprep which is absolutely the most vile thing on the planet like if anybody else has had it you you know how disgusting is. I actually only managed to drink 500ml of it and I was really worried I was going to get told off and that they would try and do the camera and that wouldn’t be clear enough - but I got off really lucky and it was super clear scope!

Anyway, with the needle I had some diazepam before which didn’t actually do much and I had some magic cream on my hands for the canula and it really wasn’t actually that bad at all I am I shut them tears but I didn’t scream I am when I came round from the anaesthetic I see a lovely nurse and she informed me that I had messed myself during the scope, so she was going to clear me up and I was like okay cool and she started to clean me up, and I said I’m going to need a wee and was just about to jump up and I went again but it wasn’t a wee and at this point my new IBD nurse appeared (and oh my God she is the sweetest of thing in the world I love her so much), so I had both of these lovely ladies cleaning me up.

So enough about me shitting myself. I have some tea and toast and Lorraine comes round and introduce herself a bit better, then my surgeon Dr Stoner comes to give me my results and I am diagnosed with fistulising Crohn's. So I have fistula as well as Crohns in my rectum. (I will blog about fistula separately because it’s not often talked about it’s really gross and contains it’s made me feel so grim and lonely. I’d really like to talk about.)

Dr Stoner gives me a look of “oh my God you’re fucked, what are we gonna do with you?” and tells me that he has taken a biopsy and that I have a follow up appointment next week once the results back. I even let another dr take some more blood from me and my sister is super surprised. She tells me after she thought I’d flip and have a massive panic attack. She’s proud of me and I’m sooooo hungry after fasting for 24 or 48 hours (I can’t even remember) and we get McDonald’s on the way home. 

Overall, I conquered some fears with the needles and it was a successful colonoscopy. 

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