by - February 22, 2018

CW: quoted use of ableist language, mention of suicidal thoughts.

This is my first time doing any sort of I guess like "opinion piece", and it's actually basically what I wrote on a Facebook status when I came across this article and the comments on it.

A friend commented on this article from the Guardian this week: DIY Faecal Transplants Carry Risks Including HIV and Hepatitis Warn Expert, being that I have Crohn's disease and I like to keep up with research and treatments, I gave the article a read.

The article itself is mostly fact-based and explains briefly what FMT (faecal microbiota transplants) are and who they're used for. I'm not new to FMT and have read a bit about it due to many sleepless nights, so very little of it was news to me, personally.

However, many of the comments on The Guardian's facebook was full of misinformation - "just take probiotics", misunderstanding and fear - "I would never have someone else's shit put in my body", and sadly, a lot of fucking ableism - "you've got to be crazy", "this is so stupid", "people are fucking idiots", "this is natural selection in play", etc, etc.

I can understand why people might think these things, what many of them don't realise - as Brits commenting about something that is mostly going on in the US - is that it's because of people not being able to afford healthcare. So let's not be so fucking ignorant and jaded, and instead be thankful we have the NHS - through all of it's faults, which stems from poor funding and administration, we can get "free" healthcare (because yes we pay taxes.... but in the years I've used the NHS, the cost of procedures outweighs the amount of tax I've paid for 10 years). Let's try to understand why people are willing to risk their health and lives to carry out DIY procedures.

People can't afford appointments, specialists, hospital stays, treatments, tests and medications.

People can't afford insurance.

The chance of being able to afford health care decreases if you're a woman, disabled, a person of colour, transgender or an immigrant.

Oh - let's not forget, it's not widely offered, so there's travel costs too.

People are desperate and they are dying.

I have genuinely wanted to kill myself because of my Crohn's disease - of course there are costs involved like taxis or trains or buses to hospitals, but one thing I do not have to worry about is how I'm going to afford a colonoscopy, an MRI, a doctor's appointment, or my medications. If FMT is an option for me, I'm willing to try it (because it really isn't as gross as it sounds) - but I am not going to have to choose between paying out for treatment or paying rent for a few months.

It is mostly used to treat the superbug c. diff and here's a really short and easy video about FMT.

It's really important to remember that it is ONLY proven to cure c. diff and there are ongoing worldwide studies and trials researching the efficacy of treatment of IBD and other chronic illnesses.

I've found a list of studies/organisations (though I've not read through all of them) that Taymount (a private clinic in Hertfordshire, UK) have provided.

Would you be open to a poop transfer? I'm interested to know!

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