by - February 01, 2018

Hey all. This is actually my first time buying anything from The Body Shop and I picked these up in their January Sale. It was 40% everything and I searched using the "vegan" filter to make sure I was only buying cruelty-free and vegan items (though be careful as I've tried it again since and a waterproof mascara came up that contained beeswax).

I always lust over Plum Rain from Lush but still haven't purchased it, so thought I'd give The Body Shop's Frosted Plum a go. It smells great and it's full price mark up is £5 for 250ml, considerably cheaper than Lush!

Now, anyone who bleaches their hair regularly or uses a lot of heat knows that their hair tends to lose moisture and can get a bit dry so I thought I'd pick up the Grapeseed Hair Glossing Serum. I don't usually bother with serums and such because I find most of them you have to use on damp/towel dried hair and I try not to wash my hair too often. You can use this on dry hair and I immediately noticed a difference! RRP is £7 which is actually quite reasonable as a little goes a long way! I've used this every day since I got it and I'll definitely repurchase.

Next is the Banana Truly Nourishing Hair Mask - oh my giddy aunt, this smells divine. Banana seems to be something people either love or hate and I am definitely a lover! £12 is the RRP and a little goes a long way. I've used it once after shampooing and conditioning as normal- it did make my hair feel quite heavy and I don't think I washed it all out properly, so next time, I'm gonna try without conditioner.

It's no secret I have Gucci & Prada bags under my eyes (you may have seen someone on Depop tell me I look 35...haha), I've got a couple of different eye creams but I don't really notice a difference - I should probably stop wasting money on them. I purchased the Vitamin E Eyes Cube (RRP £9.50) and although it definitely makes my eyes feel refreshed but I haven't noticed my dark circles going anywhere. I'm gonna keep using it though as it really does feel great.

Whenever my foundation runs out I usually try something new, it's not that I don't like any of the ones I use, I just like to see what's out there. My favourites are Barry M and GOSH, but I've heard great things about The Body Shop foundations and at 40% off I thought it was definitely worth a try. Usually the Fresh Nude Foundation is £15 which isn't expensive but I usually stick to under a tenner. I guessed my shade as Bali Vanilla 020 and it's a pretty good match (it will be perfect when I bother to fake tan). It's quite lightweight and blendable which is perfect for me. My skin is really good (I'm blessed, I know) so I don't like heavy foundation. I really like this and would consider paying full price for it. It's quite oily so I wouldn't recommend it if you have oily skin.

Overall this was supposed to come to nearly £50 but I got it for £27 odd after the discount which is great! I'll definitely be looking at more of The Body Shop's products now they are no longer owned by L'Oreal and have an easy to use website when it comes to buying vegan products.

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  1. These products look great! I haven't been to the Body Shop for ages - I should go back soon.