by - February 15, 2018

You know when you go into a shop for one thing and come out £40 lighter? Yeah, I fell into Superdrug. They usually have offers on their skincare and hair care products so I grabbed some firm favourites - the Vitamin E Body Lotion Spray and Cleansing Wipes, Naturally Radiant Cleansing Pads and the Style Expertise Back Comb Spray - all Superdrug own brand products and therefore cruelty free and vegan! I grabbed an eye mask and they also had all of these brushes on sale - all vegan. 

On to the exciting stuff...
I wear a lot of matte liquid lipstick so my lips tend to dry out quite a bit. I'm really crap a taking care of them as the best way is to use a lip scrub and lip balm but I hate getting stuff under my nails. Praise be to B. cosmetics having a lip scrub in bullet form. The Pro Lip Scrub (RRP £4.99) is plain so kind of boring - it would be nice to maybe have a slight mint or strawberry flavouring to it... I don't really know. I love the taste of the bubblegum lip scrub from lush...and the fact you can eat it, yeah, the whole under the nails thing - ick! This is great for me and it is easier to fit in your make up bag than a lip scrub in a pot.
I also picked up the Pro Lip Corrector (RRP £4.99) - okay, it's basically a concealer coloured lip liner but I SUCK at applying lipstick to my upper lip, it is always on the wonk so this is a life saver for me. I was with my friend Rhiannon when I was buying these and she can tell you how excited I was to find this, I'm pretty sure I called it genius - probably an over reaction. It is great though.

Remember I said I went in for one item? I was on an eyeliner pen hunt. I didn't really wear eyeliner for a long time because I just couldn't be bothered, however, going such a white blonde, I knew I would probably be washed out. My old go to eyeliner pens were Soap and Glory and Collection - neither of which are confirmed cruelty-free. (I'm not debating this with people, use what you wanna use, but I follow Logical Harmony when it comes to confirming CF status - Tashina has put so much time and care into her lists and I fully trust her judgement.)

I have tried other liquid liners that aren't a pen and I just make an absolute mess, so I figure it's time to find a new pen. The mission begins - people recommended me a few different brands Kat Von D (way out of budget if I end up being lazy and not bothering with eyeliner), MUA, Barry M, ELF, GOSH... probably some others. No one mentioned B. to me and I actually went in looking for the MUA ones. They had a few pens and I swatched them - they did NOT budge at all, however, they only had the wet look one in stock and I wanted matte and when I went over to the B. counter I was so happy to see this Defining Duo Liner (RRP £6.99), I tested it out and although it didn't have the staying power of 
the MUA one, it was matte and reasonably priced so I had to have it. It's great that there are two thicknesses - I can get in the inner corner of my eye without making too much of a mess with the thinner end, and the thicker end is perfect for creating a flick. I really like this and it's my new favourite eye-liner. I will try out the MUA one at some point though!

When I purchased these B. make up items they were 1/3 off making the already affordable range quite inexpensive.

Whilst I was at the MUA stand I was drawn to the Professional 6 Shade eye-shadow palettes - I have a matte one already which is all nudes and even has a good brown for eyebrows in it, it's perfect for popping in your make-up bag and gives more choice than just single shadows.

There were three or four palettes which I could not decide between and I really had to resist temptation and only pick one. I chose the Rusted Wonders palette. Normally I shy away from shimmery eye-shadow but the gold was just screaming at me, and the white will be a perfect highlight. They're fairly pigmented - not overly but they are buildable and very affordable at only £3.50 per palette. You really can't go wrong and I will definitely be collecting the other palettes.

Has anyone tried any new products lately? Let me know!

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  1. I've definitely fallen out of Superdrug 40 quid lighter before now! I have an MUA eyeliner pen and it's not super black, I'll try the B one next time. The MUA palette looks lots more expensive than £3.50,wow!

    Lyd - whatlyddid.com

    1. I tried the MUA one's I think - they had a matte and a wet look one I think? When I went in they only had the wet look one and I prefer matte but it seemed pretty good!

      I know - the palettes are so good, there's a few different ones.