by - January 23, 2018

A lot of my friends are vegetarian or vegan (I'd say most of my close friends are at least veggie) and I know a lot of people doing Veganuary this year - I'm super proud of everyone doing it and I've really loved watching people - like my friend Laura - sharing their food and recipes on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I'm sure it's helping other people get into it too. Vegetarianism and veganism are on the rise and the farming industries are definitely feeling threatened.

However, I'm not vegetarian or vegan or plant-based - I have tried, but because of my current health issues and dietary requirements and weight it's really not possible for me to completely cut out animal products. Hopefully, once I get into remission with my Crohn's this can change. I truly believe it's best for our planet, our bodies and the animals if we kind of y'know, don't eat them? In the mean time, I do try to limit my meat and animal product intake and to swap out these things where possible - it's also why I'll only use cruelty-free and vegan beauty products and why I'm reducing my usage of single-use plastics and cups and why I'm trying not to buy "new" things and instead buy second hand.

Anyway, time for snacks.

I am a snacker, my favourite snacks are crisps and sausage rolls - bless up Linda McCartney's sausage rolls which are vegan and better than any meat counterpart, I just really wish they'd make some ready-to-eat snacking sausage rolls, or join forces with Gregg's.

I'm a regular in Holland & Barrett because I need to take quite a few vitamins and supplements because my body hates me and doesn't absorb or digest practically anything (yay)! They do really good flapjacks which are ususally 3 for £2.50 and most are vegan and they have banana soy milk. I'd managed to gather £6.50 worth of points and I was supposed to pop in and grab some vegan bacon, but I forgot. I hate losing out on free money so I placed an order online - they also had their penny sale going on and some stuff discounted anyway, so I got all this for a tenner! (I also got a lip balm included in that.)

So, we have vegan marshmallows - these are pretty pricey at £2.49 a pack, but these were all down to £1.99 so I thought fuck it, yolo etc. They're every bit as good as regular marshmallows, just without the animal product y'know. I got three different packets because I can.

The Goody Good Stuff Sour Patch Mix and Berry Mix - I've not tried the Berry Mix yet, their fizzy peaches are my favourite sweets and their cola bottles are pretty good too. I've just tried the Sour Patch Mix and I don't usually like sour sweets that much but oh my god, the're great. I wish they'd stock these in store as well as online. 

When I added the Oh My Thai Crackers to my basket it was at a risk - I hate Snack-a-Jack rice cake type things, but these sounded good. I got threw them in about five minutes. They're less than 1g/100g fibre which is better than most snacky stuff and I try to stay low fibre because of my Crohn's. These are so tasty ad I will be buying more.

Crispy Corn - definitely should NOT have bought these, my bowel will definitely hate them - but, I had some really tasty jalapeno flavour crispy corn in my Vegan Kind box once and well, yeah, fuck it!

Yeah Mini Bears and Prized Papaya - something for the sweet tooth, both yummy.

I've not tried the Quirky Quinoa & Apple Fruit Bites yet, but they look really good, like wise the Good Full Stop snack bar in Cherry Sweet & Cherry... flavour. The Good Full Stop bar is vegan and gluten free and is made of dates, nuts, dried fruit and syrup. I imagine it will be similar to Nakd bars.

Finally, something I am super excited to try - Mr Organic Vegetarian Seitan Ragu. It sounds amazing - "a delicious sauce made with seitan, crushed chilli & Italian sun ripened tomatoes", yes please! They do several other pasta sauces as well as pastas, pesto, conserves and chocolate spread - all of their products are vegan friendly though I've not tried any. I'm sure if I like this I'll try much more.

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