by - January 04, 2018

When I started this whole "not buying new shit" thing, I didn't think I'd last, I didn't think I'd find clothes and shoes I liked that were in wearable condition for reasonable prices. I expected a lot's of scrolling and trawling - like an online TK Maxx - ugh!

The leaves started turning and it started to get chilly, and all of a sudden, I fell in love with pinafore dresses and decided I needed Doc Martens and a shaggy faux fur coat for winter.

The hunt was on.

I got on to Depop and eBay - there were pinafore dresses aplenty, in every colour and material possible. I bought a few over the past couple of months on Depop - I think the most expensive was £8 including postage. They were mostly from Primark originally (like the one above) and mostly new, more importantly - they all have pockets. I have this in red, tan, black and baby pink.

Doc Marten's were obviously a bit more expensive and I struggled to find any I thought were fairly priced and the right size on Depop so I went to eBay. I bought a black pair and a shiny mermaid-like pair for £20 and £25 respectively (both of those include postage). They looked unworn and were in great condition.

Now, the faux fur shaggy coat - I knew this would be a challenge as I am very fussy with coats. Ideally, I wanted black, it had to be longer than my hip, but not full length, the sleeves had to be full length, it had to have pockets and most important it had to be warm. It took weeks, but eventually, on eBay, I found a shaggy cream and brown coat from Warehouse that started at 99p and was like £7 postage (not a fair cost but whatever). I watched it like a hawk, unsure if I'd even like it in person, as I always feel huge in shaggy coats. I think in the end I bid a fiver - an absolute steal! It took the seller ages to dispatch the item, which was annoying especially as £7 was for postage, but it arrived. It is heaven. It fits perfect, it looks great and I feel like a fucking boss bitch.

From Depop I also bought this cute Asos jumper, Quiz skull cardigan, a Vans t-shirt, a Hell Bunny dress (that I'm saving for one of the many weddings I'm attending next year), Yolandi Visser from Die Antwoord t-shirt and denim skirt from Primark. They're all in great condition. I also picked up an AWESOME Daria t-shirt! All of these items were £8 and under, many including postage.

I don't really have time right now to photograph everything, so have some stock images!

Will I ever go back to my old ways? I'm not sure - I hope not! I'll still buy new underwear, tights, and pyjamas when I need them (well, actually, I've asked for them for Christmas), but I think I'm honestly done with "fast fashion". It's not fashionable, it's not ethical and it's not fun.

Let me know if you find anything cool on Depop or eBay, or if you follow any cool sellers on either!

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  1. This is really cool and I'm glad you're having loads of success with it! I'm always so nervous buying clothes second hand cause I'm so funny about fit that I struggle. For now I'm trying to buy natural fabrics rather than plastic ones...a bit of a middle ground!

    Caitlin @ Chronically Caitlin

    1. That's a start. I suppose it does depend how comfortable you are buying clothes online - I've had a couple of items that are too small for me, but I'll just re-sell them. You could always try a local charity/thrift store if you have any?