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So, where did we leave off? Oh yeah, my incompetent GP ignoring all of my symptoms for the past 6 months even though I looked and felt like death.

I went back to the doctor - crying, begging, screaming - for a referral to a gastrointestinal specialist. I asked to be weighed. I weighed 6 stone 2 lbs. Now, I'm only 5ft 2, so I know I shouldn't weight much, but also, my ribcage shouldn't be protruding front, back and my chest. She tried again to palm me off with anxiety. I threatened to sue for malpractice if she didn't write me a referral there and then. She obliged, apologised for upsetting me and causing a panic attack and we also discussed going on medication for my anxiety and depression. Sadly, this was also around the time a very dear, old, friend of mine (we were best friends in secondary school, but rarely spoke since leaving) sadly ended her life - I'll address this in another post. She prescribed me 50mg Sertraline daily.

Sertraline was heaven for me - okay, the first few weeks were horrendous, I wanted to die and didn't leave the house but it gave me an appetite. I could eat for the first time in like 7 months! My gut still wasn't cool, but I was eating- that really was a massive thing for me. It didn't matter it was all coming straight back out most of the time.

Maybe a month later got my referral through and a choice of hospitals - one of which is a private hospital, but it would be through the NHS. Yes, please! Everyone I know that has been to this hospital has received wonderful care. As much as I adore the NHS, my local hospital (Princess Alexandra in Harlow) is under immense pressure and often is at the bottom of performance lists (bless you Tory government and those that vote them in, as well as those who don't vote...). I knew I'd have great care under River's Hospital in High Wych and it wasn't too far.

Of my four hospital choices (Epping and I think... Enfield?), River's had the shortest wait time - 33 days, compared to all of the others at a minimum of 90 days. I couldn't believe it. With my decision made, I awaited the day I'd finally get to see a gastro specialist.

December 2016 I get to meet my gastro specialist.

I went alone. I'm nervous, It's a man. What if he wants to stick his finger up my bum? What if he ignores me because I'm female?

I decide to Google him whilst I wait, this is what I found:

"Dr Stoner graduated from Manchester University Medical School in 1990. He carried out specialist gastroenterology training in the North Thames region. Dr Stoner was awarded an MD for his thesis on Sphincter of Oddi Manometry from the University of London in 2000.
Dr Stoner was appointed Consultant Gastroenterologist at Princess Alexandra Hospital in 2000. He has over ten years experience in providing a private gastroenterological service in Essex and Hertfordshire at Springfield and Rivers Hospitals

Dr Stoner is interested in all aspects of gastroenterology and hepatology. He has considerable experience and expertise in endoscopic techniques. The number of procedures he performs is well above the national average, as is the audited success rates, ensuring high quality work.
Many consultants refer their more difficult cases to Dr Stoner for intervention. He is currently involved in teaching not only trainees but also consultant colleagues in therapeutic endoscopic techniques."
I instantly felt at ease - he must be able to help me if even other consultants refer their patients to him, right?

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