by - January 25, 2018

This is a photo heavy post and I'm no make-up artist or photographer, so excuse the crap photos of the swatches on my lips!

Somehow, I missed like three Jeffree Star collection drops and only found out about them just after Christmas. I was working zero hours at the time but oh-so desperate for a few of the liquid lipsticks and Beauty Bay had them all in stock. I uhm-ed and ahh-ed for a few days... then I got offered a full time job and decided it wasn't the worst decision to make if I spent almost £100 on lipstick at once. (Seriously, I have a problem when it comes to lipstick, I wanted ten shades originally but managed to get it down to six - three of them were reds, do I really need that many reds? Don't answer.)

I already have about six Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks - they are my favourite formula apart from Kat Von D and Barry M. They retail at £16 each on BeautyBay and although I probably wouldn't pay that much for a pair of shoes or a dress without thinking about it, for some reason, when it comes to lipstick it seems like a steal to me.

Jeffree Star is all cruelty-free and vegan and the packaging is usually simple and pink, but when they release holiday collections they're usually a little different - this time, the holiday collection is very sparkly and holographic! YAY!

I picked up four shades from the 2017 holiday collection - Christmas Cookie, Berries on Ice, Santa Baby and Mermaid Blood. I also bought Diva from the family collection and Rich Blood which is just from the regular line but it is ALWAYS sold out when I want it. I was over the moon it was in stock and could finally purchase it.
Christmas Cookie is a soft peachy nude. I've only recently got into nudes and I struggle to find one I really like. This however, I believe is my favourite. I'm not sure if it's my "perfect" nude, but it is a front-runner.

Berries on Ice is described as a "deep magenta", it doesn't go on as well as Christmas Cookie, but I suspect this is because it's a darker shade. I only did one layer but I'd definitely do a second in future. I don't often wear purples and I've got a feeling I probably won't reach for this much.

Santa Baby looks incredibly similar to Berries on Ice in the tube and when swatching, so I was worried that they were pretty much gonna be the same shade. They are VERY similar. It's described as a deep wine/berry shade. Again, it could do with a second layer however I much prefer it to Berries on Ice.

This is very much out of my comfort zone and I'm really not sure it will get much use but I LOVE the shade and the name - Mermaid Blood. It's a deep tea with a grey tone to it. I'm really not sure how I feel about it but it does only need one layer which surprised me.

Diva is from the Family collection, I really didn't like most shades in this collection (my bank balance is happy about this) but I adore bright pinks and this one has a gold metallic shift to it, which is hard to photograph. I really love this and will get a lot of wear out of it!

Could this be the perfect red? I think so. I haven't worn red lipstick in AGES - probably because my hair was pink for so long, but now I'm back to blonde I have to channel my inner Brody Dalle and Gwen Stefani as often as possible. As I mentioned, I've wanted Rich Blood since it was first released years ago but never managed to snag it, I even purchased Designer Blood in hope it would be almost as good of a red - it wasn't. I wore it once and just didn't like it on me. However, Rich Blood is my new favourite red ever. It has a kind of blu-ish metallic shift to it. I'm gonna be rocking this as often as possible - especially now The Distillers are back!

All in all - I'm probably gonna wear four out of six of these on the reg - Christmas Cookie, Santa Baby, Diva and Rich Blood.

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