by - January 14, 2018

Okay, as previously mentioned, I started shopping more consciously and ethically - not buying *new* clothing, only thrifting online or in charity shops since like September.

However, a coat I have desired for ages was on sale, I was feeling really crap and I've had a really tough time. All totally selfish reasons.

This coat is simultaneously the ugliest and most beautiful coat ever when I saw a woman I follow on Instagram with it, I had to have it (thanks, Charlotte). I finally asked her where she got it and she told me it was from Dolls Kill, at first I groaned until I realised it was Black Friday sale time - I ordered on Cyber Monday!

Isn't it just beautiful? I can live out my Grinch-iest dreams!

There is a collar I didn't expect, though, I am thankful for it as it adds so much warmth to the neck. It's sooo warm, I couldn't believe it. It is actually a lot nicer in real life. And, most importantly, it fits perfectly which was a concern ordering from America and not having free returns.

Being on sale, I decided it would be rude not to get something else, especially as it would have to shift all the way from the US, right? This became an opportune moment to purchase some more (necessary) lipstick. (I'll do a separate post with swatches and my thoughts on them though, as this is getting lengthy.)

Lime Crime is a brand that I am so conflicted with morally - in the same way as Jeffree Star - their owner is a bit shady (don't think she's ever been outright racist though), but please feel free to do your own research regarding the brand and make your own choices. I picked up Elle and Scandal - two very different shades/ One nude (as if I don't have enough Lime Crime nudes) and one purple.

I also picked up two of the OCC Lip Tar. OCC is a brand I've been dying to try for ages now, but I've never been too sure because they look sticky, like a gloss, but seeing as they were in the sale, I thought I'd pick up the shades Lydia described as a "darkroom plum" and Hush, a "bridal neutral pink". I really can't wait to try these and they are vegan and cruelty-free.

 After I placed my order, someone reminded me I'll get a nice custom charge for this delivery! Ugh -  I had totally forgot, alas, it was done now. The coat and four lipsticks came to £71.64 including delivery and thankfully, the customs charge only came in at £14 and some pennies. Which was a total relief! Delivery was pretty quick too - I ordered on 27th November and it arrived on 9th December, so less than 2 weeks and I got emailed about the customs charge as it was shipped DHL and I didn't have to fanny around collecting it from the Royal Mail office.

Overall - great buying experience picked up some bargains and I get to look like the Grinch! Keep an eye out for the swatches and reviews of the lipsticks.

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