by - January 01, 2018

I'm not usually one for making goals or New Year's resolutions - I don't believe in the "New Year, New Me" bullshit, however, I do have some goals and it just so happens to coincide with it being a new year.

Many of them are relating to my health and it is more hope than anything. These could change depending on what treatment I'll need and I'm certainly not going to beat myself up if I don't hit any of them.

I'm hoping that with the new treatment, comes better health and that I'll be able to do the following:
  • See my friends
  • Go to some gigs
  • Gain some weight - I wanna get up to at least 8st
  • Go to Berlin - because heaven knows I miss it so much
  • Return to work full-time - seeing as I got a new job
  • Live more sustainably
On top of these, I am definitely gonna get to the dental hygienist - it's the first thing I'm gonna do once I've got some more money. I'm waiting for a hospital referral to have a tooth out, and I'm gonna get my filling.

I'm hoping to blog more - I'm really enjoying it, it's therapeutic and just generally fun, who knows if I'll still enjoy it in a few months, I tend not to keep hobbies up for long though! 

I've had some really great feedback from strangers and friends alike, and I'll be honest, I really didn't expect anyone to read anything I wrote, it was just a release and somewhere to write my rambles when insomnia strikes. People have told me I've helped them to understand more about IBD - especially those that don't have it, even though I'm certainly still learning myself, but it is so important to raise this awareness and I'm glad we're doing it together.

Finally, I'm gonna hug my grandparents more. They truly are the most precious thing in my entire world and I would do anything for them - they've given up so much for us, spending their retirement looking after four grandchildren, when they could have been doing anything else. They honestly are my heroes, I'll blog about them more in the future.

Do you have any goals, what are they? If you don't - that's cool. We all gotta do things at our own pace and take each day as it comes.

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  1. These are great goals! One of my goals is to get a full time job in the field I've studied, and to grow my blog! I'm also definitely going to spend some more time with my grandparents as well. x


    1. Awww seems like we are very similar people Amita! Nice to meet you!

      What field did you study? I'm gonna check out your blog now, so I'm sure I'll find out!

  2. These are good goals! I also want to try and live more sustainably this year - I think it's on a lot of people's minds atm

    Caitlin @ Chronically Caitlin

    1. Definitely - and I'm so glad. I know so many people doing Veganuary too and I'm so pleased, even though I can't eat a solely plant-based diet myself at the moment because of my Crohn's!

      I think, with the current leaders of the world, people are really starting to look inwards, knowing that we're probably not gonna get much help from those in higher positions!