Friday Favourites: Blogs

by - December 22, 2017

Hey, so I'm quite new to this blogging thing but I've always read a few blogs and I hought I should share some blogs I love reading and big up some other great people - those that inspire me, make me feel normal or just make me laugh!

Amy Leigh has become a really good friend and she has recently relaunched her blog. We share a love of most things and are both beginning our journeys towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Nicole is a bright young thing who cares deeply about mental health and other people. She also has such a beautiful smile

Lizz is one of a few people who inspired me to try living more ethically. I can't eat plant-based/vegan diet due to my health but, I can minimise my damage and impact in other ways. Fellow thrifter and plastic shunner, she is always true to her core.

Kate is literally one of the most gorgeous people ever. Alongside Lizz, they admin a facebook cruelty-free and vegan beauty facebook group. Kate has also recently launched her cruelty-free and vegan online shop, and regularly posts small/indie brand reviews.

I've learned so much from Shona when it comes to chronic illness, ableism and disabled person's rights. She is only 20 and already seems to have a clear grip on the world and more determination than I've ever seen in a person. She recently raised £11.5k in 3 months for a powerchair she desperately needed so as not to become housebound. Her blog really is an eye-opener to us able-bodied folk. She has really been working the outfit posts too, which I love and I know she loves too.

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