Fast and Fashionable or Slow and Sustainable? - Part One

by - December 17, 2017

Back in August/September, I made a conscious decision to STOP buying "new" clothes and shoes i.e I would no longer buy anything from shops on the high street or online.

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I'm a bit of a shopaholic, I have every store card and Buy Now, Pay Later online account going - Topshop/Arcadia Group, New Look, H&M, Very, Argos, and Klarna (I think that's it?). I'm not in debt with these places, I just use it so I can send items back that don't fit/I don't like without having to wait for a refund, I always pay them off before any interest or charges occur. I could easily spend £200-300 a month on clothes and shoes.

That's ridiculous, greedy and unnecessary.

Being somewhat aware of how bad "fast fashion" is both for the planet and some workers who are exploited, I decided that actually, I didn't NEED these new things all of the time, if at all. It would also save me a fuck tonne of money, and my current working life is pretty dead and my financial situation is erm, dire.

It became sort of a challenge - could I still be (what I consider) fashionable without buying into the throwaway fashion we are surrounded by on the high street and promoted in various media? Could I really live a more sustainable lifestyle by changing my wardrobe and spending habits?

On top of this, I realised I had so many new clothes, shoes, and bags with the tags still on. A lot of the clothes were still tagged because of my dramatic weight loss due to my Crohn's and I just never got the chance to wear some of them. I emptied my wardrobe and must have halved it - at least. One bag full of clothes and coats went to charity and I don't even know HOW much to Depop and eBay - in fact, I'm still selling some stuff! I think I need another clear out, to be honest.

Since then, I've bought one pair of shoes - for an interview, and one coat because I HAD to have it - I know, I didn't really have to, and I do feel a little guilty but, for 3 months I've not bought from the high street or online retailers. I've had loads of fun buying things on eBay and Depop and I'll follow up with a part two which will include some photos of my thrifty finds!

What do you think about buying second-hand? Is it something you do already or would consider?

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