by - December 09, 2017

On Sunday evening, McDonald's called me and asked me to go in for an interview the following day. I went along, all dressed up and confident because I am so good at interviews, and I'm really keen to work at McDonald's. The manager interviewing me doesn't even really interview me that much, she mostly just asks about how many hours I'm looking for and if I mind working weekends, or early/late. As I live so close, I'm really not fussed about early starts or late finishes and I have no social life so weekends are fine. (Retrospectively, weekends are better because it means weekdays I don't have to worry about holiday for the doctors or hospital.)

She asks me why I put down that I was only looking for 30 hours - asking if I have another job. I take this opportunity to explain that I have IBD and what my current work situation is. I didn't have to explain much as she interjected asking if I'd be okay working at the drinks station - sure, no problem. What length shifts could I work? Would 7 hours be too long? No, it should be fine. She explained that I'd get a 45-minute break but if I needed an extra 10/15 minutes, just to speak to the manager - I hadn't even asked. I did explain I probably wouldn't need a 45-minute break and that I'd be happy to take two smaller breaks instead. She's genuinely really lovely and it's the easiest interview ever. (I'm unsure if all McDonald's are like this, as they are franchised, but I was pleasantly surprised.)

She looks at my feet and says "oooh you have black shoes on...can you do a 15 minute on the job?" - absolutely! Off she goes to find me a small t-shirt, she comes back with an extra small, it's snug, but it fits. I'll definitely feel more comfortable in a small. She says she hasn't got a hat right now, but I will get one (she hasn't offered me a job officially, but I'm pretty confident I'm now a McDonald's employee). She takes me through to the drinks station and hands me over to a young lady who's nice and we get chatting about how long she's worked there, what it's like, why I'm looking to work there, and about my IBD a little. She's really lovely. Luckily, a lot of different orders came in, so she showed me how to make everything really, and I had a go at it. I did feel a bit nervous, but I also enjoyed it. It made me remember working on the diner at Quasar! I miss working at Quasar so much. I'd operated drinks machines at Quasar and it's pretty much just pressing buttons. (I kind of made that sound easy - it takes me a few tries to get any button to work because I have 0 strength, one of them works better with your nails though!)

The manager comes back, checks my passport to see I'm eligible to work in the UK and invites me to an orientation on Wednesday, she tells me to keep the top and well, boom. I think I have a job at McDonald's now?

Most people will probably turn their nose up or think "why the fuck does she wanna work at McDonald's so bad?", and well, there's a number of reasons. Mostly, it is so close to home and they are seemingly very accommodating. Partly because it's most likely going to be early mornings and weekends - which means my free food will be breakfast!

Has anyone worked at Maccas, or another fast food place, who has IBD or other chronic illness? How did you find it?

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