Blonde Ambition Part Three - Goodbye Pink!

by - December 11, 2017

Following on from last time - I went blonde!

Quick recap - I had job interviews, not everyone is in 2017, so I had to get rid of the pink.

I had three options really:

  • ginger/copper/red - which is a lot of upkeep
  • brown - which is quite permanent
  • blonde - my roots are virgin hair/under the pink is blonde anyway/I can dye it pink if I find a fun employer
Blonde it is. 

I got the most likes ever when I posted a selfie to instagram (thanks guys, you're all well cute). A few people asked what witchcraft I used to go from pink to silver/platinum blonde so quickly and have it look so healthy so I thought I'd do a post about it. Now, I'm just using product photos because I didn't decide to blog about it until after so I didn't take any photos myself.


Here's a recent-ish (very crappy, low quality) before photo showing roots as best I can:
As you can see, I probably had 3-4 inches of regrowth and my hair is a medium brown naturally. I've been reluctant to reach for the bleach since I started going to a hairdresser (my friend Charlotte, who is fab and a magician) last year but with my current financial situation, I didn't have much choice. 

My hair is in the best condition it's ever been - apart from thinning and fall out because of my colitis and the steroids, but I'm slowly accepting that (it's only hair, right?). Bear this in mind if you're tempted to reach for the bleach. AND ALWAYS DO A STRAND TEST.

Here's what I used:
  • latex gloves
  • mixing bowl and brush
  • Jerome Russell High Lift Powder (Boots, approx £5 for 4 sachets of powder, I can't find it on their website for the price, but it's about that)
  • Jerome Russell Medium Lift 30 vol bleach (Boots, £1.89)
  • Jerome Russell Silver Toner (Superdrug, usually £4.99, currently £2.99)
  • Superdrug Colour Enhancer in Platinum Blonde (Superdrug, usually £5.99, currently £2.48)
As you know I'm all about the cruelty-free and vegan beauty products. However, naively, I didn't really look into it and just rushed. That wasn't too awesome of me. Jerome Russell state on their website that they do not test on animals, or ask others to on their behalf. They're pending on Logical Harmony, and I can't see that they sell in China - so I believe they're cruelty-free, though I'm guessing not vegan. I'll be ordering Manic Panic bleach in future, to be sure, unless anyone else has more info/recommendations.

Superdrug, as always is cruelty-free and they have clearly labeled the colour enhancer is suitable for vegetarians and vegans on the bottle - they really make it so easy and I wish more companies would be so clear!

The process:
I mixed the powder and 30 vol peroxide until creamy and then applied to my roots and allowed it to develop for 20 minutes, then I applied it to the rest of my hair (as under the pink was bleach blonde anyway I just needed to take the colour out). I waited until the pink was gone which was about 10 minutes and then washed it out using my normal coconut shampoo (Sainsbury's own brand which is cruelty-free and vegan). I towel dried my hair and my roots weren't yellow but they were yellower than the lengths and ends, so I did a strand test with the Jerome Russell Silver Toner and after about 15 minutes I was happy with the colour. I applied this all over and left it for 20 minutes - to be sure it fully saturated. I washed it out and conditioned using my usual Superdrug own brand conditioner (the pink one, again, clearly marked vegan). As it was getting dark outside and the lighting in my house is awful I waited until morning to look at it properly.

The roots were still a bit more yellow than the lengths so I hopped in the shower shampooed my hair and then put the Superdrug Colour Enhancer in Pure Platinum on. The bottle says to use gloves, which I didn't as I was in the shower, and to leave on towel dried hair for 5 minutes, but that it can be left for up to 30 minutes.

Colour Enhance is a new product at Superdrug and they have a few others for red and brunette, I think. It's a deep conditioning toner/treatment. Here are the "benefits" taken from the Superdrug website: Superdrug Colour Enhance Pure Platinum, with a blend of Shea butter and Blue daisy extract, instantly revives and revitalises dull, brassy and lacklustre blonde and white hair.
The deep conditioning treatment can be used on coloured, bleached and natural hair to diminish unwanted yellow/orange tones and restore the radiance of blonde and white hair.
Hair will be left nourished, soft, smooth, manageable, shiny and brighter after just one application. The result will last 3-6 washes depending on the colour, texture and condition of your hair.

I left it on for about 10 minutes whilst I brushed my teeth, washed my bits with Lush's Rose Jam shower gel and had a sing-song (to Little Mix) and then washed it out, no conditioner needed after as it's a deep conditioning treatment.

The result: 
My hair is platinum blonde/silver - Gwen Stefani, eat your heart out!

It's pretty even - some of the roots are still a little more blonde than the rest but it's okay and I can sort that.

It feels AMAZING. I think even if the Superdrug Colour Enhance didn't do much to enhance the colour (some reviews I've read said it didn't do anything) I'd still use it because it has made my hair feel so great. I look like an adult human? If 5 years ago you told me I'd no longer wear extensions and have blonde hair - I'd have been mortified. It does mean I'll always have to pop some colour on my cheeks and some mascara on because otherwise, I'll just look like a ghost.

Oh and I smashed my Maccas interview and I'm excited to work there. It's by no means glamorous, or a "dream job", but it'll be a different pace, new challenge and easier on my purse and time when it comes to traveling to work.

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