by - September 24, 2017

Fanny from the Block.

Okay, so now I’ve written some silly thing based on a nickname and my love for J.Lo (she is queen), I’ve broken the awkwardness, right?

My name is Tiffany and I’m starting a blog.

I’ve spent a while thinking about what my first post should be - how long it should be, who would read it, would they come back? (I’ve spent months toying with the idea of even starting one.) Then I remembered, I’m doing this for me, a boredom killer, a hobby - especially for when I’m off work due to my illness flaring up. I’m gonna try and keep this not too long and hopefully not too flitty. 

Aged 27 and after being ill since February 2016, in December 2017 I was diagnosed with a form of bowel disease called Crohn's. I’ll do some separate posts about this in future as it honestly has taken over my life - just please expect poo talk and look away if you don’t wanna read about it!
Things I enjoy and will be blogging about mostly are cruelty-free (and hopefully vegan) beauty products, records and music, my bowel and my new journey to reduce my impact on the planet (I’ve recently decided not to purchase any more clothing unless it’s second hand). 

I’m a feminist and I’ve very recently become more aware of the disabled and spoonie communities. I work in Essex as an administrator.

I’ll do an FAQ or Q&A soon so you can “meet me” properly, so if you have any questions, please pop them over! I would love to know what you want to know. I’m a very honest, open and shameless person.
You can tweet me or e-mail me.

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